The Best Hog's Head Cheese Of The South!

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Ed Tommy Davis,  

The name says it all.  Founded by Santel & Sheila Powell, it is well known around the city of Charleston, SC, that Santel makes the most delicious Hog's Head Cheese!  Made from the finest cuts of the hog, along with mouth watering seasonings, and cooked to perfection, it just doesn't get any better than Ed Tommy Davis! 


You now have the opportunity to bring this delicacy to your table, to share with your family and friends.  The absolute best party trey to serve at your events!

Go ahead and try some today, because we promise you that you'll be glad you did!

Experience the taste of Ed Tommy Davis Hog's Head Cheese

Fresh Ingredients and a Genuine Passion

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Ed Tommy Davis

Hog's Head Cheese

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